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ELYSE CHRISTINE started because of a real problem: we couldn't find a bra that fit. The big stores didn't carry sizes for smaller busts, and the ones that did were either overly-padded to create an illusion, or were belittling because they were practically training bras.


We wanted a bra that fit well, didn’t compromise looks for comfort, and made us feel pretty. We realized that we weren’t alone in this desire: most women aren’t happy with their bras and are looking for something to make them feel beautiful and confident, and they want something that could be worn comfortably all day long.


So we created a contemporary bra line that is comfortable and simple in structure, but also beautiful, delicate, and dainty, like lingerie. It's an everyday bra to make us feel special, and maybe even blush a little, knowing what we have on.


We also gave special attention to those women who have smaller than average bust sizes, because finding a bra you want to wear, and actually fits, can feel nearly impossible at times.  So all of our bras were designed with little depth — so no more loose, puckering cups, just something snug and flattering.


Bras are the foundation of our wardrobes.  We should love our bras.  And love the way they make us feel. We should feel beautiful and confident, not self-conscious. Next to our skin, and close to our hearts, our bras should remind us to love ourselves and what makes us unique. 



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